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SWISS P cartridges have been developed especially for snipers, sharpshooters, marksmen, and all other Military and Law Enforcement personnel engaged in precision shooting. All products from the SWISS P line are characterized by their accuracy, devastating impact effect, and perfectly matched ballistics.

For today’s professional Military and Law Enforcement shooters, the products of the SWISS P line are available in .50, 300 Blackout, and 5.56 along with all of the most common calibers: .223 Rem, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag and .338 LM. Depending on the tasks of the mission, the shooter can select from a variety of bullet types, such as: Armor Piercing (AP), Armor Piercing Incendiary (API), Ball, Final, Target, Tactical, Styx Action, Subsonic, and Subsonic Final.

The cartridges from the SWISS P line are premium products and meet the highest standards. All SWISS P cartridges achieve the precision of < 1MoA (1 MoA = 1/60 of a degree or angular minute, corresponding to approx. 1 inch at 100 yards). Additionally, these cartridges offer an above average hit accuracy and first-class reliability. The terminal ballistic and deployment-oriented target effects of the special application cartridges are outstandingly high in both soft and hard targets.

SWISS P – Precision, Power, Premium.

P – Precision
The precision of our cartridges is legendary – even under extreme conditions. All cartridges consistently achieve sub MoA accuracy (1 MoA = 1/60 of a degree or angular minute, corresponding to approx. 1 inch at 100 yards).

P – Power
Performance is one of the outstanding characteristics of the SWISS P line. Our caliber in .338 LM and .50 Browning impress with their heavy bullets and the resulting minor drop in velocity. Even at long ranges, these caliber maintain high velocities for maximum target effect.

P – Premium
Due to tight production tolerances and quality control, constant ballistic values are guaranteed. Batch to batch and lot to lot, SWISS P’s attention to detail ensures identical premium performance and complete customer satisfaction.

If you want to get more information please download the SWISS P brochure.

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