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9mm Norma NXD


  • Proprietary fluted projectile design
  • Injection molded copper/polymer matrix
  • Excellent feeding
  • Based on the FMJ profile


Introducing the Norma NXD or Non-eXpanding Defensive ammo. Available in 9mm, the NXD is a 65 grain injection molded copper/polymer projectile that boasts a lighter recoil, allowing faster, more accurate follow-up shots. The NXD’s extreme terminal performance on-target is achieved with the help of its proprietary fluted projectile design. This technology produces a devastating energy transfer by initiating a powerful hydrodynamic ram effect upon impact with soft tissue. This coupled with the well known venturi effect of fluid dynamics results in a predictable, powerful energy transfer every time. Because of the unique technology utilized in the NXD design it does not need to rely on the expansion and mushrooming as seen in typical hollow point defensive rounds. With personal defense considered at the forefront when designing this round, we’ve optimized penetration within soft targets, so there’s no fear of over-penetration or collateral damage. NXD is the next evolution of personal defense ammo.

NOTICE: Federal law states you must be 21 years of age or older to buy ammunition. Due to Department of Transportation (DOT) restrictions, we cannot accept returns. By completing a purchase, you acknowledge you are following all local and applicable laws regarding the purchase and possession of ammunition.

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