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338 Lapua Mag 250gr Golden Target BTHP

Key Features:

  • Slender design with match style boat tail for competitive volume shooters
  • High Ballistic coefficient for top precision for long and short-range shooters
  • Each pack selected from the same lot for optimal consistency
  • Updated caliber and weight range for greater variety of shooting. From short to long range


Golden Target has been designed for discerning, high-level competitive shooters. These bullets are designed for the best flight properties. They have
a very high BC, with a match boat tail and a price to suit most pockets.

Long-distance shooters in the Military and Law Enforcement regularly choose .338 Lapua Mag. These rounds have an effective operative range of almost one mile under optimal conditions.

The bullet remains stable over those long distances and brings intense energy when striking the target. To be able to appropriately respond to a wide variety of dangerous situations, Norma Shooting offers various bullets in this caliber. Be it for the penetration of light armor, precision shots through glass panels, or a minimized danger for the background, shooters can choose from a number of extensively proven solutions.

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